Billy Harvey

It’s been said that my grandfather was a man women adored & men admired. Billy Harvey is that kind of man. Imagine, if you will, Clint Eastwood mashed up with Robert De Niro but with Eliot Smith’s songwriting chops.

Billy started his rock’n’roll journey in the glorious ’90s. He played lead guitar in Flame &, yes, his shirtless arpeggios set the San Fransisco nightclub scene ablaze. He eventually settled in Austin & began his journey making solo records. In Austin the producer, dancer, writer, poet, videographer & optigan enthusiast emerged. After spending over 10 years there Billy travelled West, back to LA, & did some acting & lots of copoeira. Once the smog got too thick for his avocado toast he split to New York City. After a couple years on the lean streets of NYC & two more thoughtful, self-released records he jumped to Nashville, where he currently resides with his girlfriend & their tiny daughter.

– written by Salim Nourallah